The Groom is a rare zombie added in Patch 1.0.4. He has 200HP, inflicts a maximum of 14 Damage, and has 8 Defense. The Top Hat drops 100% of the time when The Groom is killed. This is the only way to obtain this item. The Groom only spawns during a Blood Moon.

■The fact that he is an undead 'Groom' may be a joke referencing the "Corpse Bride" story or the Jewish folklore in which it's based. It could also be referencing the movie "Kill Bill" where the protagonist is named "The Bride" and she was thought to be dead.
■The Groom isn't knocked back like other Zombies.
■Much like Doctor Bones, The Groom appears to spawn up to 3 times after killing approximately 70 Zombies during a Blood Moon.
■An easy way to obtain multiple top hats is to set up a Lava Trap and wait for zombies to walk into it. After about 70 zombies fall into the trap, The Groom should appear, and fall right into the lava. When doing this, make sure the lava isn't too deep or the top hat will burn up in the liquid.
■The Groom is less rare than Doctor Bones.

Update InfoEdit

■Fixed a bug that made the groom unable to spawn.

■Added to the game.

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