vHallowed Armor 
Terraria = Hallowed Armor Sets Male + Female
Top: Male Set
Bottom: Female Set
Type Armor
Body Slot Helmet/Shirt/Leg Slots (Full Set)
Defense 31 with Headgear

35 with Helmet
50 with Mask

Sell Value 12 GoldCoin Small 
Set Bonus (Hallowed Mask): +19% Melee and Movement Speed
(Hallowed Headgear): -20% Mana Usage
+100 Maximum mana
(Hallowed Helmet): 25% Chance to not consume ammo
Crafted With Cobalt Armor

Mythril Armor
Adamantite Armor
20-60 Souls of Sight
20 Souls of Fright
20 Souls of Might

Crafted At Mythril Anvil
The Hallowed Armor is currently the best armor in the game in terms of defense and bonuses. Note: All head-wear is made using 20 Souls of Sight.


The set is different from the other normal armor sets mainly because it is made out of 3 entire different sets: The Cobalt Armor, the Mythril Armor and the Adamantite Armor, along with 20 of each type of Soul (Souls of Sight, Souls of Fright and Souls of Might) that can only be obtained by killing the upgraded bosses, namely The Twins, The Destroyer, and Skeletron Prime .


In addition, the Set changes its bonus according to the helmet the player wears: A Hallowed Mask , for example, is the 'Melee' mask and therefore will give much better defense and Melee power bonuses. The Hallowed Headgear is the 'Mage' headgear and will give a large mana boost along with nice Magic power bonuses. The Hallowed Helmet is the 'Ranger' helmet and will give nice defence along with some good Ranged power bonuses.

Parts of the SetEdit


19px Hallowed Plate MailEdit

  • 15 defense
  • 7% increased critical strike chance

Hallowed Greaves Hallowed GreavesEdit

  • 11 defense
  • 8% increased movement speed
  • 7% increased damage


16px Hallowed HeadgearEdit

  • 5 defense
  • Increases maximum mana by 100
  • 12% increased magic damage and critical strike chance

16px Hallowed HelmetEdit

  • 9 defense
  • 15% increased ranged damage
  • 8% increased ranged critical strike chance

16px Hallowed MaskEdit

  • 24 defense
  • 10% increased melee damage and critical strike chance
  • 10% increased melee speed


  • The Hallowed Helmet, combined with the Megashark, gives a whopping 75% chance to not consume ammo with every shot, making bullets last on average 2.66 times longer than normal.
  • Although in other sets the helmet is melee and the mask is ranged, it is just the opposite for Hallowed. This is probably just a typo, but the game developers may have reasoning for this change in wording. And it is currently the newest armor in Terraria.


  • Hallowed means it's blessed by God, which explains why its power is almost godly.
  • Hallowed Armor is the only set of armor or tools to be made with souls (Disregarding the Hamdrax, which is considered to be of the Hallowed Tier).

Update InfoEdit


  • Added to the game.
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