v341Lamp Post
Tiles 92   Item 341
Type Furniture
Sub-Type Light Source
Placeable Yes
Max Stack 99
Quality Tier 0 (White)
Sell Value 1 SilverCoin Small 
Crafted With 3 Iron Bars

2 Glass
1 Torch

Crafted At Iron Anvil
Lead Anvil
The Lamp Post is a furniture item that can be used for decoration purposes or as a Light Source. The Lamp Post is 6 blocks high and 1 wide.

Placing a Bench beside the Lamp Post will help give your world a Park or City look. Lamp Posts give off the same amount of light as a Candle or Skull Lantern. It is not hindered by water, like torches which do not work at all, or glowsticks which wear out after a few minutes. Lava will make them pop out, if the lava is deeper than one block.

Update InfoEdit


  • Added to the game.

File:Lightpost ruler.jpg

Template:Items Requiring Iron

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