vMolten Hamaxe 
Item 217
Type Tool
Sub Type Hamaxe
Base Damage 20
Hammer Power 70%
Axe Power 150%
Use Time 26 (Average)
Knockback Very Very High (7)
Rarity Tier 3 (Orange)
Sell Value 30 SilverCoin Small 
Crafted With 35 Hellstone Bars
Crafting At Iron Anvil

The Molten Hamaxe is a direct upgrade from the Meteor Hamaxe. Being a hamaxe, this tool functions both as a hammer and as an axe.


Notes Edit

  • Like the Molten Pickaxe, this tool emits light in the form of fire particles when swung, as well as making a moderately effective weapon.
  • While it may be of a lower tier and quality than the "ultimate tool", the Hamdrax hybrid tool, it has a greater axe power than the Hamdrax; the Hamdrax having 110% axe power, and the Molten Hamaxe having 150%.
  • Do note, however, that the Hamdrax is a Fast speed item, and the Molten Hamaxe is only a Slow speed item.

Update InfoEdit



  • Introduced.

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