The Rocket Boots allow a player to fly for a 1 second period, by pressing and holding the jump key in the air, such as after a jump ('double-jump') or during a fall. The Rocket Boots will recharge again, as soon as you touch a solid block, or if you use a Grappling Hook / Ivy Whip. They must be equipped in an accessory slot. They are sold by the Goblin Tinkerer, who can be found after the player defeats the Goblin Army.

■If the Cloud in a Bottle is also equipped, that item’s effects engage on the first midair jump, and then the Rocket Boots engage on the second.
■Rocket Boots can be combined with Hermes Boots at a Tinkerer's Workshop to make Spectre Boots which combine both abilities in one accessory item.
■If a player uses a Shiny Red Balloon and/or Cloud in a Bottle, the total possible jump height can be increased significantly.
■If the player is wearing Shadow Armor, the rocket effect’s color changes to match the armor color. (This means if the character is wearing every piece of Shadow Armor it will work, so it can be in the social slot too.)
■If Wings are equipped at the same time as rocket boots the boots will not activate.
■If combined to create Spectre boots and Cloud in a balloon is equipped it will allow the player to jump then fly.

Update InfoEdit
■1.1 ■Rocket Boots no longer drop from Goblins slain during a Goblin Invasion. Instead, they can be purchased from the Goblin Tinkerer.

■1.0.5 ■Rocket Boots no longer use Mana, and lift speed was increased to offset the new 1-second lift duration.

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