Editing PolicyEdit

These are some basic editing guidelines that everyone should follow on the Terraria Wiki:

  1. Don't post spam and don't vandalize pages. See Blocking Policy.
  2. Images uploaded to the wiki should comply with the Image Policy.
  3. Don't upload or embed videos. Videos are managed by administrator HeroGaming (a.k.a. HERO).
  4. Before making a new page, search thoroughly and make sure that a similar page doesn't already exist. For example, a page about Lava Traps should not be created, because there's already a page called Traps on the wiki where lava traps can be described.
  5. Before publishing edits, always 1) write a brief description of your edit in the Edit Summary window at the upper-right corner of the screen and 2) click "Preview" to make sure the edit looks good.
  6. Use correct spelling and grammar. Don't use vulgar language.
  7. Don't put opinions, rumors, guesses or anything non-Terraria related on pages. Only relevant facts.
  8. Write using the third person narrative. Basically, this means don't use words like "I" or "you."
  9. Don't add pictures to pages that already have 2+ pictures.


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