Vanity Items are a type of clothing that can be equipped in the Social Slots, allowing one to change their appearence without losing any armor bonuses they may be wearing. Vanity Items can be worn in the Armor Slots but provide no benefits (and Vice-versa, regular armor can be equipped into Social Slots but gain no stat boosts). All vanity items can be sold for the same price of 20 Silver Coins except for Red Hat which is 2 Silver Coins. Vanity items such as the Summer Hat, Mime Mask, etc., can be bought from the Clothier. In addition to stand-alone pieces, there are currently 7 vanity outfits, several of which are influenced by popular culture (Such as Video Games, Television, Etc.), and many outfits, such as the Plumber's, have hats only dropped (usually very rarely) by monsters. Players often choose their outfit in order of their playing style (i.e. a mage might wear a robe) so when on public servers it's easier to judge. The Archaeologist Outfit Hero Outfit
■Plumber's Outfit
■Hero Outfit
■Archaeologist's Outfit
■Tuxedo Outfit
■Ninja Outfit
■Familiar Outfit
■The Doctor's Outfit
■Clown Clothes
■Santa Outfit
Every Vanity Item currently in the Game : Clown Outfit, Tuxedo with Top Hat, Doctors Outfit, Wizard Hat with Robe, Santa Outfit, Plumbers Outfit, Hero's Outfit, Bunny Hood, Diving Helmet, Jungle Rose, Red Hat (Clothiers Hat), Archaeologist's Outfit, Summer Hat, Sunglasses, Fish Bowl, Goggles, Ninja Outfit, Mime Mask and Robot Hat

Update InfoEdit

■Added to the game.

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