Item 9
Type Block
Sub-Type Material
Placeable Yes
Max Stack 999
Dropped By Trees
Drop Rate 100%
Sell Value No Value
Material In Items that require this variant of wood:

Wooden Chair
Wooden Door
Wooden Fence
Wooden Table
Wood Platform
Wood Wall
Work Bench
Living Wood Bathtub
Living Wood Bed
Living Wood Bookcase
Living Wood Candelabra
Living Wood Candle
Living Wood Chair
Living Wood Chandelier
Living Wood Clock
Living Wood Door
Living Wood Lamp
Living Wood Lantern
Living Wood Piano
Living Wood Platform
Living Wood Table
Living Wood Wall
Wooden Bow
Wooden Hammer
Wooden Sword
Wood Helmet
Wood Breastplate
Wood Greaves
Wood Fishing Pole

Items that require any variant of wood:
Banquet Table
Bar Stool
Blacksmith Rack
Carpentry Rack
Cooking Pot
Grandfather Clock
Helmet Rack
Planked Wall
Spear Rack
Sword Rack
Tiki Torch
Weapon Rack
Wooden Beam
Copper Axe
Copper Hammer
Copper Pickaxe
Tin Axe
Tin Hammer
Tin Pickaxe
Iron Axe
Iron Hammer
Iron Pickaxe
Lead Axe
Lead Hammer
Lead Pickaxe
Silver Axe
Silver Hammer
Silver Pickaxe
Tungsten Axe
Tungsten Hammer
Tungsten Pickaxe
Gold Axe
Gold Hammer
Gold Pickaxe
Platinum Axe
Platinum Hammer
Platinum Pickaxe
Wooden Arrow
Marshmallow on a Stick
Goblin Battle Standard
Minecart Track
Heavy Work Bench

Crafted With 4 Wood Wall or
4 Wooden Fence or
4 Living Wood Wall

Wood is the most basic item obtained in Terraria. It is a replenishable resource dropped when the player cuts down a tree. Wood is an invaluable and bountiful resource in crafting, necessary to create numerous items and weapons. It is a popular choice for the walls of starting shelters due to its abundance and ease of acquisition.

The quickest way to harvest wood (other than drax) is with a bucket of lava. In v 1.1.2, you can click and hold with a bucket of lava, which will dump and immediately pick up a square of lava, killing the tree without destroying the grass. Multiple trees can be harvested at once by pouring lava and letting it flow over them. A safer way to harvest them is to kill the grass on which the tree is growing by putting lava in a totally enclosed box directly under the tree.

In the console and iOS versions, wood is broken using an axe.

Trivia Edit

  • As of patch 1.1, wood close to lava or magma will not catch on fire.

Notes Edit

Update Info Edit

  • 1.2.3
  • Became material in Living Wood Furniture.
  • 1.2
  • Required tool to mine placed wood switched from axe to pickaxe.
  • Stack size increased from 250 to 999


  • Introduced.

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